We have personnel dedicated to your contract. You will have 24/7 access to a staff member. Our warehouse security and strong relationship with local law enforcement will assure your parts and equipment are safe and secure.


Northern Nevada is known for its extremely low humidity of 17%, and an average temperature of 57 degrees, with less than 7 inches of rainfall per year. Whether you store inside or out, you will prolong the life of your assets.


For every 1 MW of capacity, approximately $10,000 in inventory is taxed at a base rate of 1% (location dependent). 
500 MW = $5,000,000 Inventory 
$5,000,000 Inventory = $50,000 in TPP 
When you store this inventory with us, these parts are considered “in transit” and are not applicable to the TPP.


Whatever you need, whenever you need it... we’re here to help, 24/7. We can ship to 26 states within 24 hours. You have many options when it comes to moving assets across the United States and throughout the world.


Our 28,000 square foot, state-of-the-art warehouse facility and 6 acres of adjacent storage property is located in Fernley, Nevada—30 miles east of Reno. This facility is dedicated to power industry storage. Our warehouse has been inspected and certified by topties insurance underwriters, including Lloyd’s of London®. It is convenient to rail routes, Interstate 80, and the Reno Tahoe Airport which is only 30 minutes away.​


You will be able to take assets that are spread out in a state or region, and keep them safely in one place. This could allow your company to cut storage space and monitoring personnel from your portfolio.​

Capital Parts and Equipment Storage Program 

Our Capital Parts & Equipment Storage Program provides significant cost savings by reducing or eliminating:

  • Storage Space
  • Personnel Costs
  • Security
  • Logistical Expenses
  • Loss Due to Weatherization
  • Tangible Personal Property (TPP) Taxes

Even if you are in a utility district that doesn’t pay TPP, you still have the opportunity to lower your overhead while having access to anything
required for future operational needs. Our unique program allows the maximum amount of flexibility to change, reduce, or increase your
inventory within the program.

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