Power Support  Group LLC

Founded by Jim Chamberlain in 2011.  Our mission is to provide services to turbine owners and operators that enhance maintenance and operational efficiency.  Mr. Chamberlain has 30 years of industrial projects and rotating equipment maintenance experience to build on, a clear understanding of the issues facing the power industry today, and a shared vision with our clients as we continue to implement valuable solutions to industry problems. 

Power Support Group was not formed with the intent to directly compete with existing service companies but to fill the gaps left between them and the OEM offerings. The contributing factors that create these gaps in a comprehensive maintenance program are easy to identify. The solutions of how to fill these gaps effectively are what we do.

Our unique service offerings, stand alone or when grouped together, represent an enormous opportunity to clients who require value through managed risk, sustainable cost reductions, process efficiency, high level of accuracy and crystal clear transparency.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Fernley, Nevada, just east of Reno on Interstate 80. Our facility consists of a 24,000 square foot warehouse on 6 fenced acres in the Fernley Industrial Park.   

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